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Credit: Anders Jensen-Urstad


Sonic Youth release 1993 live album 'Blastic Scene'

Despite being on hiatus since 2011, Sonic Youth have been dipping into their previously unreleased material for a string of special releases. Now, continuing that trend, the band have shared the 1993 live album Blastic Scene.

A live recording taken from a headline concert in Lisbon, Portugal in 1993 has now been made now available for purchase on Bandcamp.

“We recorded every night pretty much,” drummer Steve Shelley told Rolling Stone. “So there is tons of stuff in the archive, and we’re all self-quarantined right now, so it’s a good time to go through it.”

The record has remained somewhat of an illusive number for Sonic Youth fans. Up until now, Blastic Scene has only been initially released as an official bootleg in Portugal way back in 1995. Even then, the band only made 1,300 copies available which were shared through the band’s fan club.

“When Sonic Youth first went into Portugal, it felt like uncharted territory,” Thurston Moore told Rolling Stone.. “We had blasted through Spain and Italy but Portugal seemed a bit disengaged from hosting any band as on the margins of experimental rock music as us.

“When we arrived in Lisbon we realized that we were to play in a bullring. The stage was makeshift but sturdy enough with a fairly decent PA. I think anyone with the slightest interest in punk, post-punk and beyond in Lisbon was there, which was not more than a couple of hundred.”

Get a taste of the album with ‘Skink’ below and view the entire record on Bandcamp.