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'Sonic The Hedgehog' to be redesigned following fan's angry reactions


The first trailer of the upcoming film adaptation of the video game hero Sonic The Hedgehog’ landed this week. It landed into a big old pile of criticism as fans took to social media to lambast the style of the favoured hero.

The video game cult icon, Sonic, was depicted with a far more humanised image which left fans reeling as they desperately called for the fast-footed hedgehog of 90’s video game monarchy to be more akin to it’s origin.

But it seems now, director of the film Jeff Fowler, has taken to social media to reveal plans to improve the style of the movie. Fowler notes that Sega and producer sof the film Paramount Pictures are both “fully committed” to making the film adaptation of the video-game cult-hero “the BEST he can be.”

Although Fowler doesn’t explain exactly how Sonic will be changed, one imagines it will be back to the CGI drawing board on this one.