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Songhoy Blues have delivered you the weekend with ‘Bamako’


The effervescent Songhoy Blues have an energy that is irrepressible, luckily they put it good use with their latest track ‘Bamako’. The Malian band have given us this track as taster of their upcoming new album Resistance.

The album will feature guest appearances form Elf Kid, Stealing Sheep and Iggy Pop to name a few. The song bubbles and pops from the very start and if you were looking for a way to start your weekend then you have found it. And then some.

“With ‘Bamako’ we just wanted to write something fun and positive about where we come from,” says lead singer Aliou Touré. “So much of what people hear about Africa is negative – bad news stories about war and famine just dominate the common image of Africa. But this track is about dispelling that image by describing something everyone can relate to, going out on a Saturday night, to show that Africa isn’t just what people see in the news, there’s so much more to it than that.”