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Son Lux release ‘Stolen’ ahead of their new EP

With a new EP Remedy out on May 12th via This Is Meru, Son Lux have re-announced themselves with a deep, slightly gruesome cut. The new track ‘Stolen’, much like the rest on the EP, is a response to the current political climate in America.

‘Stolen’ feels dark and haunting at every turn, it has a sense of dread on every note with bursts of noise regaling the frustration of an unheard generation. If you were to ask us how we felt looking at the newsreel of the past few months we’d have to agree with the emotion of the song. The feel is one of trepidation, and one we all feel.

The profits from the new EP will go to Southern Poverty Law Center which is a non-profit organisation which seeks justice for the most vulnerable in their society.