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Some Good News for Music Venues


Finally we have some good news to deliver about your favourite music venue. We have seen a near epidemic in closures of some of our favourite and dearest loved venues of late, now the UK has passed a law to make it more difficult for these closure to happen.

With so many venues falling foul of noise complaints following new developments in their neighbourhoods, Bussey Building in Peckham nearly falling just a few weeks back, the new change in the law is aimed at addressing this inequality. It always seemed odd to us that if you are to develop a new property you could then move on to complain about an existing property. It seems the government are now addressing this oddity as well.

“local planning authorities will have to consider noise impacts on new residents from existing businesses under an amended permitted development right.” Says Music Venue Trust’s Facebook page.

Developers will now have to work with local authorities in conjunction with music venues and making sure that any complaints are addressed before development can continue and strive to work towards protection for live music.

Although we are a long way off a level of comfort which lets us sleep properly in the secured knowledge of our favourite venue’s future we are somewhat placated. Mark Davyd of Music Venus Trust said “We warmly welcome this breakthrough for the UK’s grassroots music venues. This common sense move by the government provides an opportunity for local authorities to use their powers to ensure that live music continues to play a vital economic, cultural and social role in our towns and cities. For music venues, this has never been about stopping development or preventing the creation of much needed new housing; it’s always been about ensuring that new development recognises the culture, economy and vibrancy of city centres by building great housing, enabling existing music venues and new residents to live in harmony. This is a major victory for the UK’s music venues and music fans. The fight to protect, secure and improve them goes on.”