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Sofia Coppola's favourite films of the 21st century

Sofia Coppola is acting royalty, cut from cinematic cloth being Francis Ford Coppola and Eleanor Neal’s child. She was born to take flight on her own impressive career immersed in film — both in front of the lens and behind it. If anybody is in a position to comment on to make a cinematic recommendation, it’s Coppola.

Coppola has spent most of her life dedicated to filmmaking. As a child, she made an appearance in her father’s masterpiece The Godfather as Michael Francis Rizzi in the baptism scene. She then appeared in each of the editions of the epic under a different guise. With this kind of upbringing, Coppola’s destiny to follow in her father’s footsteps and eventually direct herself was set in stone from infancy.

Coppola’s first short film, Lick the Star, received popular reviews upon its release in 1998 and was preceded by The Virgin Suicides, Coppola’s first feature film, which proved that she was much more than just Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter and talent to be reckoned with her own right. Since then, she made her entry into mainstream consciousness with Lost In Translation and has since been revered as one of Hollywood’s finest minds.

Since that moment, her career has gone from strength to strength throughout the 21st century, and if you asked filmmakers about their favourite films from this era, there’s a good chance that there would be something by Coppola on their list.

Back in 2017, the director revealed her favourite ten films from this period with the New York Times and, whilst we all are stuck inside at the moment. if there’s any you’re yet to see on the list — now is the perfect time to take Coppola’s recommendation onboard.

On her cinematic taste, Coppola says: “I usually like more subtle movies but can enjoy all kinds. [For this list] I just thought about movies I liked from the last 15, 20 years. I find them inspiring, especially when it’s something you haven’t seen before, and not close to anything I’m doing.”

The first film on her list is the 2013 sci-fi, Under The Skin, which Jonathan Glazer directed and starred Scarlett Johansson, whose performance was a source of joy for Coppola. “[Scarlett Johansson] was so good in that — well cast, and it was so weird and innovative the way they shot it and incorporated real people. I thought that movie should have gotten more recognition,” she stated.

One film on her list that is the polar opposite to anything Coppola has made is the 2015 family-friendly comedy Daddy’s Home with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. She notes that the film: “The only film my kids and I equally enjoy together! I love Will Ferrell, and this movie is sweet and fun to watch with cracking-up kids.”

Coppola also selected Tamara Jenkins’ 2007 black-comedy, The Savages, commenting: “For the performances [by Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman], and the mix of humour and sorrow.”

The Lost In Translation director then selected John Orrichio’s black and white 2009 mystery The Black Ribbon, which she praised for its cinematography. “I love ‘White Ribbon’ for its [black-and-white] photography; it felt so real to the period [pre-World War I Germany],” she said.

Check out the full list below.

Sofia Coppola’s favourite films:

  • Force Majeure (Ruben Östlund – 2014)
  • The White Ribbon (Michael Haneke – 2009)
  • The Savages (Tamara Jenkins – 2007)
  • Head-On (Fatih Akin – 2005)
  • Daddy’s Home (Sean Anders – 2015)
  • Under the Skin (Jonathan Glazer – 2014)
  • The Incredibles (Brad Bird – 2004)
  • Together (Lukas Moodysson – 2001)
  • Grizzly Man (Werner Herzog – 2005)
  • Ida (Pawel Pawlikowski – 2014)
  • Fish Tank (Andrea Arnold – 2010)
  • Ex Machina (Alex Garland – 2015)