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Soccer Mommy drops ‘Out Worn’ alongside mini-album ‘Collection’


Soccer Mommy has built a reputation as an incredibly exciting DIY artist, recording her own songs and releasing them for free on Bandcamp over the last few years. It’s a reputation that caught the attention of Fat Possum records, who will be releasing Sophie’s mini-album Collection on the 4th August.

Comprised of reworked versions of some of her best Bandcamp releases, as well as a few new songs written, mixed and produced by Sophie herself, Collection is the perfect introduction to Soccer Mommy’s sound: quietly catchy, surprisingly confrontational, the kind of music that sneaks up on you and makes a permanent first impression.

“You can’t say indie rock is dead,” says Sophie. “It’s just being taken over by women.”

The songs on Collection portray an artist fully-formed, mature far beyond her age. Sophie sings of toxic relationships, infatuations, and all the experiences of being a teenage girl. There’s a freedom and a joy to this music, and Collection stands as an excellent introduction to a powerful new voice.

Critics may decry the end of guitar music, same as they have for over thirty years. The fact remains that as long as records like Collection exist, there will be no shortage of young artists bashing their hearts out on guitars for years to come. These perfect pop gems have power, and Collection is destined to be a favorite record.