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(Credit: Brian Ziff)


Soccer Mommy shares touching cover of The Cars' 'Drive'

Sophie Allison, AKA Soccer Mommy, has been performing her cover of The Cars’ classic ‘Drive’ for a few months now. The singer-songwriter has now laid down another cracking performance of the song.

The original footage saw Soccer Mommy performing the song at Amoeba Records’ Hollywood store but there’s a suggestion that this film, brought to you by SiriusXM, may well have been shot on the same day.

Luckily, this performance has crystal clear sound that allows Allison to fully express her vocal and the delicacy that is at play within it.

The singer released her album Color Theory earlier this year and was set to be out on tour in promotion of the new record. Sadly, lockdown has put an end to that. Well, sort of.

Last week the singer announced that she would be sharing a new video series for her song ‘crawling in my skin’ which saw her and her 8-bit bandmates go “on tour” in digitalised animations.

“It’s really hard having our tour be postponed because I was really excited to play all of the songs on color theory for everyone, ‘crawling in my skin’ in particular,” Allison said of the videos. “I hope this little 8-bit performance can hold everyone over until the tour can happen.”

But for now, sit back and enjoy Soccer Mommy performing The Cars’ classic ‘Drive’ below