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So Pitted give us chills with ‘Rot In Hell’


New Sub Pop signees So Pitted are displaying all the mannerisms of psychopaths in their new video for song ‘Rot In Hell’ and we love it. Their almost demonic stare is only periodically broken by the odd smirk (and a band member switch – 5 points if you can spot it) as they perform the heavy grunge song with deafening defiance.

Set in a grimy, graffiti ridden basement the band channel the mood of Seattle through their sound and their movement. Concise and deep it strikes chords of discontent with every stroke of the guitar.

The video only gets less scary when the music stops and the band continue their chat about organic carrot sticks. Yep. Carrot sticks.

Despite this though So Pitted are showing their mettle with the song and video and judging by Sub Pop’s previous industry nouse they have a lot more in their locker.