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Snoop Dogg smokes a blunt outside the White House and says "Fuck The President"


Snoop Dogg, the Grandmaster of Pimpology, has made us all laugh this morning with one of the most childish, but still hilarious, videos of the day. He took a moment out of his day in Washington D.C. to stop outside the White House, smoke a blunt and yell “Fuck The President”.

While driving around the US capital the rapper asked his driver to stop outside of the presidential building (despite not being allowed to park in the area – bloody rebel). He sat on a bench outside the White House and went about his usual antics.

Further videos show that at one point, he said: “While you n****s vote, doing all this other bullshit, I’m at the White House smoking. Fuck the President.”

Happy Friday, enjoy this little nugget of hilarity.