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Credit: Jørund Føreland Pedersen

Snoop Dogg produces surprise 'Peaky Blinders' inspired cover of Nick Cave song 'Red Right Hand'

It’s official, Peaky Blinders has hit the ‘Bi Time’ as Snoop Dogg takes on the now legendary theme tune, Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’ for a brilliantly ridiculous cover.

With the fifth season of the BBC show airing over the last few weeks the show’s popularity has been steadily increasing on both sides of the pond. There’s no better way to note that point than with a truly epic cover of the dusky and dangerous theme tune by none other than legendary rapper Snoop Dogg.

Though many artists have covered the track in recent times, Iggy Pop in Athens and Jehnny Beth & Anna Calvi’s versions being the pick of the litter, this homage to the Birmingham gangster family is a little more hip-hop.

It will naturally divide the fans of Nick Cave and the show but the track is if nothing else, the most ‘Snoop Dogg cover of Nick Cave’ you’re ever likely to hear. Snoop Dogg covering Nick Cave, what were you expecting?