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(Credit: Slowthai)


Slowthai removed from NME awards show following altercation with audience member


Rapper slowthai has found himself in hot water today as the artist brawled with members of the audience at last night’s NME awards show.

Slowthai has made the quickest turn around in history as after being awarded the NME Hero of the Year award at last night’s show, the singer promptly got into an altercation with an audience member after he labelled the rapper “misogynistic” for his behaviour with host Katherine Ryan. It led to his removal from the event.

While the full details are still emerging of what exactly went down but from the various reports we can gather this: slowthai was awarded the Hero of the Year prize, after arriving drunkenly on stage to accept the prize the rapper encroached on the personal space of host Katherine Ryan while also grotesquely ‘flirting’ with her. It’s excruciating watching.

Host Ryan has since come out and suggested that slowthai had not made her feel uncomfortable but for many, the dye was already cast.

After this moment, which was awkward to say the least and downright disgusting at its fullest, slowthai was stopped during his acceptance speech as an audience member labelled him “misogynistic”.

Clearly enraged by the suggestion the rapper then tries to fight back with some middle-fingers and choice four-letter words. As the rapper finished up his speech and thanked the audience member for “ruining” it, he threw the mic down into the audience.

Soon enough that mic came back out of the audience aimed at the rapper, drinks soon soaked the stage. Slowthai then threw his own drink into the crowd and jumped down into the audience to brawl with the member of the crowd.

It may well be one of the quickest fall from graces we’ve ever seen.