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Slowdive & Mogwai team up to form Minor Victories

At the beginning of the month Far Out was handed the mouth-watering revelation that two powerhouses of the indie world would be working together.

The project we are of course talking about is Minor Victories, a new supergroup featuring Rachel Goswell from Slowdive and Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai.

Also back backed up by Justin Lockey of Editors and James Lockey from Hand Held Cine Club, the band have now given us a first glimpse into what the material might sound like.

It’ not a simple first single up on Soundcloud like everybody else though, is it. Oh no. Minor Victories have unveiled a short film, plainly entitled, Film One.

The production includes two instrumental snippets of tracks that will be found on the record. What’s more, the signs are good.

There is evidence of Braithwaite bringing with him the same pulsating kraut-tech that was found on Mogwai’s Rave Tapes, whereas the swirling shoegaze of Slowdive also seems to infiltrate the first extract.

There’s no concrete word on when we can expect the album, just the below (rather cryptic) message, so keep your eyes peeled!

“This is Minor Victories – film one. You could call it a teaser trailer? Album trailer? album trailer teaser? Stripteaser trailer teaser? Super internet trailer of tease based on an album? Long player teaser moviefilm? The prequel to the sequel to the adaptation based on the remake of the original teaser…trailer…?

“It’s not really any of the above… Just the First hello.”