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Slow Club share video for ‘Champion’

One of the sweetest voices in the land now has a sweet video to go alongside its newest release. ‘Champion’ the new song from Slow Club offers a touching look into the small victories we can have each day, and the effect these victories can have, especially for those struggling with mental health problems.

It’s befitting then that the video for such an emotive and touching track has a similar appeal. The clip follows a middle-aged man making his way through woods and other landscapes whilst slowing exposing himself. A fitting set of imagery follows. But the real winning attribute is the kindness and humour shown in the video. It is gentle and comforting whilst also, literally, laying bare the scars and stretches of daily life. Bravo director Piers Dennis.

Add to that the dulcet tones of Rebecca Taylor sounding much like Stevie Nicks across a quality backing track and you have an absolute winner.