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Slothurst smashes home 'Milking Snakes'


Bang. Blues-infused garage rock and roll band Slothurst just made the best song you will ever hear about milking snakes.

The track is the last from their latest album Everyone Else which was released last year, which means we have spent the last 8 months (yes it is August) without this rip-snorting track ‘Milking Snakes’.

Speaking to DIY the band said, ‘This song came about one day when I smoked some weed and watched a vice mini doc about milking snakes. Snake milking is amazing and strange.

“Musically, I was going for a Black Sabbath at the beach situation. Lyrically, I thought about ‘Polly’ by Nirvana and riffed on that. We wanted to share it with everyone as this record cycle wraps up and we move on to writing more new music.”

However the content matter came about means nothing when the track is laced with that quick change of snarling licks and guitar rock racket. Play it loud and make your day better.