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Sløtface get raucous in their video for 'Pitted'

have a brilliant eclectic history with videos. The band are becoming renowned for their brilliantly creative adaptations of tracks. Our particular favourite is ‘Magazine’, though their animated ‘Nancy drew’ was also kinda brilliant.

The effort for their latest track ‘Pitted’ is equally as joyful to watch. Taken from their new album Try Not To Freak Out the single is a blast to the face for anyone who dare not know the band yet.

A classic punk infused indie pop masterpiece, the track is all full of teenage angst, pent up and ready to fly out and attack anyone over 25.

Talking about the new clip in a press release, bassist Lasse Lokøy says: ”Many of our adventures as a band are mentioned in the lyrics of ‘Pitted’. It seemed natural to make a video about these adventures. And after being a band in five years we have a lot of stupid footage on our cellphones of each other doing stupid stuff. So why not share it with everyone? Also we felt like the lo-fi footage sits well with the vibe of the song.”