Slim Twig shares new video for latest single 'Slippin' Slidin''

Slim Twig shares new video for latest single ‘Slippin’ Slidin”

Last month, Slim Twig announced his new album, Thank You For Stickin’ With Twig, out August 7th on DFA Records. This month we’re treated to the visuals to first single ‘Slippin’ Slidin”.

“It’s all in keeping with the theme of the song. I see the song as an ambiguous take on sexual politics,” says Twig.

“Are we owned in some sense by those that take pleasure from our bodies? Are we equal to, or submissive of someone while we objectify them, or are objectified ourselves? Is it possible that liberation may in some instances be a consequence of being objectified?”

The ‘Slippin’ Slidin”video is a collaboration between LuLu Hazel Turnbull and Slim Twig. The image of a human walking another human as a dog was something that the collaborators felt seemed to amplify some of Twig’s questions in a playful way.

“Questions are always better than explicit meanings,” said Twig.

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