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Sleeping hundreds of feet above the Italian Alps in a hammock at this Festival

The International Highline Meeting Festival is one of the most terrifying and daring things we’ve heard about this year. The fearless adventurers sleep suspended above the Italian Alps on Monte Piana in just a hammock. It’s probably not something you will want to be trying out if you’re a restless sleeper.

Calling themselves “slackers” because of the slacklines they are suspended across, these attendees are definitely some of the most extreme festival goers. This sport differs from tightrope walking as the rope is slightly flattened and has more slack than your tightrope line meaning it can move side-to-side or bounce.

If you take away the fact these guys spend their days and nights, defying death suspended hundreds of feet above the Italian Dolomite Alps, the meeting is very similar to a normal festival. There are bars, music and foods. As well as all this there are Yoga workshops and tandem paraglider flights.

The annual festival is scheduled to start on September 2nd, you can visit the Highline Meeting website if you’re feeling brave enough.

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