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Sleater-Kinney share new single 'The Future Is Here' announcing new St. Vincent produced album 'The Center Won't Hold'

When Sleater-Kinney promised a new album this year we all got excited. When they confirmed that the record would be produced by St. Vincent we all lost our shit. Now the band have confirmed that the new LP The Center Won’t Hold will be out in August, and they’ve even given us a new song to excited about too.

The album drops August 16th via Mom + Pop but the new track ‘The Future Is Here’ can be heard right here and now. The album will also include the previously released single ‘Hurry on Home’.

“We always planned on getting back in the studio—it was just a matter of when,” Carrie Brownstein told NPR earlier in the year when she confirmed St. Vincent aka Annie Clark’s involvement with the new album. “If there is an overarching principle to this album, it’s that the tools on which we were relying proved inadequate. So we sought new ones, both metaphorically and literally.”

The new album is a follow-up to the band’s last studio album 2015’s brilliant No Cities to Love. St. Vincent, a particular whizz around a cover, took on Sleater-Kinney’s ‘Modern Girl’ last year. Clark and Brownstein also collaborated on a series of surreal short films.

The Center Won’t Hold:

01 The Center Won’t Hold
02 Hurry on Home
03 Reach Out
04 Can I Go On
05 Restless
06 Ruins
08 Bad Dance
09 The Future Is Here
10 The Dog/The Body
11 Broken