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Sleaford Mods deliver again on new song 'Shortcummings'

Sleaford Mods - 'Shortcummings'

Sleaford Mods have that special knack for always hitting the spot with every release. The band have been the voice of anger and frustration in Britain through austerity and Brexit. Now, on ‘Shortcummings’, the fiery Nottingham duo have taken aim at Dominic Cummings, the man who nobody voted for and helped steer the ship of Britain into the depths of murky waters.

It’s fitting that the release of ‘Shortcummings’ would come just a matter of weeks after Cummings was handed his marching orders out of the premises of Downing Street and finally handed his P45. Little did Jason Williamson know, when he wrote the song Cummings would go on to put the country into dispute when he travelled to the other end of England despite having contracted coronavirus. The politician is the embodiment of everything that Sleaford Mods detest, the odious behaviour which made him headline news is an example of a man who has never before had to consider the potential consequences of his actions.

Williamson expertly predicts Cummings causing his own plight as he viciously snipes: “He’s gonna get all his dreams, He’s got short, short, short, short, shortcummings, He’s gonna mess himself so much, But it’s all gonna come down hard.”

“I wrote the lyrics to Shortcummings in late 2019 after becoming annoyed by Dominic Cummings increased unelected presence,” Williamson says on the track. “The arrogance of the privileged generally leads to short, short short, short, short cummings in a momentary centre stage at the cost of untold human misery and exploitation of public money. In the case of Cummings who exactly knows what he lost when he walked out of No10’s front door. It looked staged or given what I suspect is his sense of intellectual superiority, perhaps one last show of bizarre defiance.”

He added: “But there is no defiance when you come from privileged stock, just pistols at dawn. Posh hamsters going at each other. It’s just so fucking tiresome, as we lumpily coexist, us and the elite. The fortress of control is too strong and indeed there is no denying now, that there is powerlessness in the idea of revolt in this modern day daylight robbery.”

‘Shortcummings’ helps further cement Sleaford Mods’ status as bonafide national treasures for yet again sticking two fingers up at one of the grimmest men in Britain. The track is set to feature on the band’s sixth record, entitled Spare Ribs, which is set to arrive on January 15th next year through Rough Trade. If there was ever a time for another sobering sermon from Sleaford Mods, it’s now.