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(Credit: Slayyyter)


Pop star Slayyyter apologises for "appalling" racist tweets


Pop star Catherine Slater, known professionally by her stage name Slayyyter, has apologised after old racist tweets resurfaced.

The American singer, who began her career by posting music through SoundCloud, was dubbed “the future of pop music” last year after her single ‘Mine’ propelled her to fame.

Since her rise, Slayyyter has collaborated with the likes of Charli XCX and Kim Petras and enjoyed success through the iTunes pop chart. Now though, her career hangs in the balance after an old Twitter account has resurfaced and unearthed a series of racist tweets.

The account, which was managed by Slayyyter personally, was a fan page set up in support of Camila Cabello. The tweets, which were discovered and shared with screenshots, sees Slayyyter continually use racial slurs in support of Cabello’s former band Fifth Harmony.

Since the discovery, Slayyyter has apologised in a statement: “7-8 years ago I had a One Direction/Fifth Harmony ‘sass’ account (that’s what they were called before the word ‘stan’ became a thing). I was extremely annoying and cringe and would use slurs and say other things online because I thought I was being edgy or funny. As I matured, I realised it is never funny or cool to use those words under any circumstances. Very shortly after this period of time, I realised the way I was tweeting was disgusting and ignorant and I stopped,” she wrote.

She added: “I have grown and changed so much in the past eight years and the person I am today is not who I was at age 15. Eight years is a lot of time to reflect, grow, mature and better yourself as a human being. And I know that being young or uneducated about the matter also does not excuse any of these things, but please know that people do change.

“This apology is not going to matter to some people and [that’s] okay. Just please know that I feel so sick to let so many of you down when you have done nothing but love and support me. I never really deserved any of this support in the first place but thank you for supporting me anyway. I am not asking anyone to forgive me in any way shape or form, but thank you for hearing me out. I will have nothing but love for u all till the day I die.”

See the full statement, below.