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SLAVVE - Pity Party


SLAVVE a two-piece Brooklyn band with original roots in West Palm Beach, Florida have this week shared their new single ‘Pity Party’ as part of their forthcoming self-titled EP.

In what started as a home project by guitarist/vocalist Chuka Chukuma, SLAVVE’s vibe is built on an all systems go, in your face attitude. Having fully formed in the summer of 2013, Chuka recruited drummer and childhood friend Marcos Marchesani, formerly a member of Weird Wives and Surfer Blood in an attempt to make everything bigger and louder.

Their self-titled EP via Bloodmoss Records was recorded in just two days, the EP itself is a glimpse into the powerful yet gripping force that is SLAVVE. The EP will be available at the end of June and spans issues of intrinsic uncertainty in ‘Better Half’ with the impending feeling of deception and frustration eveident throughout ‘In Your Dreams’.

SLAVVE are attempting to forge their own path, staying true to the music they love while looking ahead to carve their own musical landscape.