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(Credit: Luis Kramer)


Slaves side project 'Larry The Pink Human' share new song ‘Might Delete Later’

Larry The Pink Human, the new side project of Slaves guitarist Laurie Vincent and producer Jolyon Thomas, have released their new song ‘Might Delete Later’.

“‘Might Delete Later’ is about a realisation of self,” the pair said of the new track. “Titled with a common phrase used to buffer people’s true intention. Irony employed to mask a real feeling that you’re too afraid to share.:

The project, which was announced last month, have released their second new song in a matter of weeks. “The words are a comment on modern anxiety and the self-consciousness; feeling like you can never quite put your finger on or explain an emotion, feeling inadequate,” they continued in a statement. “An attempt to display an insecurity and a fear without perfect clarity. This is something we all experience and have opened up in this song. Love is enough.”

Adding: “We wanted to introduce some new characters into the LPTH universe, and with what’s going on in the world right now we felt this story was fitting.”

When discussing the new video, Larry The Pink Human explained: “We see our character confronting quite literally the world, and his world within, in a struggle to find his true self. With the balloon by his side as a trusty companion, he faces great odds to find simply, happiness.”

See the clip, below.