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Slash hints at new Guns N' Roses album

Yes, you read that right. One of the more notoriously difficult bands to pin down are said to release their first new album since 2008. Even better, it is the first to involve guitarist Slash since The Spaghetti Incident in 1993.

Indeed, it was the guitar player himself who revealed the band’s plans to release a new record, and although it’s not likely to feature any compositions written during his reunion with the band, the group are not afraid of plundering their vaults to complete a record.

Slash gave Classic Rock the good news, revealing: “There’s new Guns N’ Roses material coming out as we speak, and we’ll probably keep putting it out until the entire record’s worth of stuff is done and then put it out solid,” he said. “It’s cool. I’m enjoying working on the stuff and having a good time doing it.”

Keyboardist Axl Rose has led every configuration of Guns N’ Roses, although he curiously declined the chance to attend the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. His relationship with Slash was said to be thorny, although Rose enjoyed a more stable friendship with bassist Duff McKagan, who had also left the band in the 1990s.

Things had changed by 2016, and McKagan-like Slash- rejoined Guns N’ Roses in 2016. Like Slash, McKagan has hinted at a new release: “There’s never been a direct schedule on how we do things,” he said, “I’ve heard some magnificent stuff that Axl has, really cool stuff he’s been working on. So I’m excited about the possibilities of that, of course.”

“The album is real,” he continued. “But the fun part and the cool part about Guns N’ Roses is we don’t really talk about it. What happens next just happens. I don’t mean to get anybody rabid. Our day will happen when it happens, that’s for sure”.