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Sky Ferreira - Night Time, My Time

The name on everyone’s lips at the moment is Sky Ferreira, the singer-songwriter/ model actress who recently released her debut has revealed her latest instalment, the album titled single ‘Night Time, My Time’ after her performance on the Letterman show last night.

Despite being at the tender age of 21, Ferreira has been plugging away in the music industry for near on a decade, battling with majority of record labels wicked ways in the process. With much of her early life spent projecting her teenage angst it seems she’s finally taken hold of her career, forcing it in the direction that subconsciously, she’s always wanted to follow.

Our track of the day today; ‘Night Time, My Time’ is a particular favourite from the album; it’s dark, minimal and artistically expressive.  Sitting as the final track on her first full length the record is a nice reminder of what is another string to Sky Ferriera’s bow and potentially, the sign of things to come.

The video, directed by Grant Singer features Ferriera’s already apparent acting skills as she dons a variation of wigs and prances around in lingerie.  Having already featured on the bill of Vampire Weekend’s tour she’ll now be accompanying twerk-master herself Miley Cyrus around the States.

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Lee Thomas-Mason