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Sky Ferreira announces new song 'Don't Forget'


Sky Ferreira has made a name for herself as the queen of disappearing, with her only album having come out nearly ten years ago—her beloved and acclaimed Night Time, My Time took 2013 by storm.

However, for the first time since 2019, off the back of the single ‘Downhill Lullaby’, Ferreira has announced a new song ‘Don’t Forget’, which is set to be released on 25th May, 2022. 

This isn’t the first time an ambiguous promise of new music has been made on behalf of the dark pop artist, though. Her second album, which has been in talks to emerge in the coming year, was originally slated for 2015. 

Ferreira even posted an announcement of the song to her social media, but deleted it soon after (although representatives from her label still confirm that ‘Don’t Forget’ is still being released as planned). The artist seemed primed for a comeback in 2019 with the release of ‘Downhill Lullaby’, but the subsequent music never came, leaving fans to wonder once more.

NME even published a feature on her “disappearing act” at the time, painting her delayed releases as a conscious, meditative choice on the basis of hard work and cultivation—the idea being that she’d emerge with a magnum opus sophomore album in hand. However, it isn’t always that simple.

As she said about that period: “It wasn’t by choice. I wasn’t just taking time for myself the last five years. I never stepped away from music. I’ve been at the mercy of people the last few years.” She also pursued an acting career during this time.

Regardless, hearing her news to drop new music is exciting nonetheless, and we can approach her new announcement with the grace and patience she deserves. You can hear her new song ‘Don’t Forget’ on May 25th.