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(Credit: Skegss)


Skegss share new song 'Bush TV'


Skegss, the awesomely snotty Australian punk band, have released a new track, ‘Bush TV.’

The spiritual successors to American punk bands like NOFX and early Green Day, Skegss lean pretty hard into the skate/surf punk image and corresponding sound. Their new album, Rehearsal, has a checkerboard pattern featured prominently and contains song titles like the opening one-two punch of ‘Down to Ride’ and ‘Valhalla’. The Warped Tour never died if you never stopped living like it was 1996.

Even their director sounds like a gnarly dude who just wants to catch some serious wave action: “The video was a lot of fun to make,” director Jamieson Kerr explains. “The motorbike shots were pretty wild. I was in the back of a Ute hanging off the end with my camera whilst we were pinning it around bends and bumps. At one point I got some air which was pretty scary. It was lovely to see Jonny’s farm, it was my first time out there, and it was so nice to see him in his element. It was also my first time shooting super 8, when I sent it to get developed, it didn’t turn up for ages and the post was saying it was lost in transit which was devastating, but it eventually turned up and I’m stoked with how it turned out.”

The top comment on the video is currently: “This band makes me wanna do a kickflip” and I myself could not explain the band’s appeal any better. If you’ve ever played a Tony Hawk: Pro Skater video game, this is your new favourite band.

Check out the video for ‘Bush TV’, and the tracklisting for Rehearsal, down below.

Rehearsal tracklisting:

1. Down to Ride 
2. Valhalla
3. Fantasising
4. Running From Nothing
5. Bush TV
6. Picturesque Moment
7. Under the Thunder
8. Sip of Wine
9. Curse My Happiness
10. Wake Up
11. Savour the Flavor
12. Fade Away
13. Lucky