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sir Was releases new video for single 'Falcon' alongside new London show


sir Was releases new video for single 'Falcon' alongside new London show


After recently signing to City Slang and announcing his debut EP, Gothenburg-based sir Was has unveiled a new video for ‘Falcon’, taken from the upcoming record.

‘Says Hi’ is due June 3rd via City Slang and sir Was is set to play a London show on June 1st at The Old Blue Last.

The new video for sir Was’ unorthodox, hip-hop tinted electronica was filmed in Gothenburg and directed by Fredrik Egerstand, who also directed the ‘A Minor Life’ video.

‘Falcon’ shows the singer/producer embark on a gloomy karaoke journey. In the words of sir Was,”the TV was heavy but that’s what we do for the sake of art.”

“It took me 15 fucking years to feel brave enough to do this.” Joel Wästberg, the Swedish producer behind the eccentric sir Was alias, confesses. “To reach the point where I could let myself do this was a long struggle. But once I felt less scared, it was kind of easy. It just came out, like: ‘This is the sound.’”

Growing up in the tiny village of Frillesås on the western coast of Sweden, an hour or so from Gothenburg, Wästberg began playing music at an early age. “I started with the cello, but I was too young,” he recalls.

“It was boring, and I think my teacher was depressed. So I quit, and at the age of 10 I started to play sax. My other brothers” – Wästberg is the oldest of four – “also played instruments, so we had a piano, a bass, a guitar and even a drum kit for a couple of years. I played along to records on all of them.”