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(Credit: Ryan Arnst)


American company hires singleton to rate 24 hours of break-up songs

American company FinanceBuzz made headlines this weekend when the news emerged that they had hired a newly single staffer to listen to 24 hours worth of break-up songs as part of a new study. 

Digging deep into the world of break-ups, the company has estimated that it costs $1,100 (£809) to recover from a split. This sum includes outgoings on treating yourself shopping, therapy, streaming service subscriptions and much more. 

FinanceBuzz placed an advert asking for someone to help them find out which break-up songs are the most effective in assisting people in getting over heartache and offered them the $1,100 for completing the task.

The company placed the advert back in January, and they have now confirmed that musician and psychotherapist Cristin Sauter is their new “DJ of Heartache”. FinanceBuzz has also released the results from the study. 

For the job, Sauter listened to the 24 hours of break-up songs and rated them according to how helpful they are in working through each stage of a break-up. The stages outlined are denial, anger, relapse, depression and acceptance. Additionally, Sauter assigned each song an Emotional Relief Rating (ERR) on a scale of one to ten. 

“This is a particularly unique opportunity for me to continue to choose how I feel about love and loss as I go through life,” Sauter explained. “I’m most looking forward to meeting myself at the end of this listening process so I can understand how some of the most well-known and poignant songs about heartbreak influenced my perspective as I grieved.”

The results confirmed things we’ve known for a long time. Fleetwood Mac has the highest ERR with 9.5, followed by The Beatles. Strangely, Post Malone came in third, which is indicative of how popular music and consumerism is changing. On the other hand, some of the lowest ratings were tracks by Miley Cyrus and Little Mix.

Listen to FinanceBuzz’s denial playlist below.