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Simeon Coxe of electronic pioneers Silver Apples has died age 82


Founding member of Silver Apples, the pioneering electronic duo, Simeon Coxe has died age 82. According to the musician’s obituary, he died in Alabama on 8th September.

Coxe is one of the leading lights of electronic music and had been working with Silver Apples since the sixties in a constant bid to bring the then-unfashionable electronic sounds to the mainstream. Something we can all agree he achieved.

“He was an artist and a news reporter-producer for WKRG, TV, Mobile, AL in the 1970’s, as well as other out of state TV stations in the ’70s and ’80s,” Coxe’s obituary reads. “He is famously best known worldwide for his seminal work in electronic music with his band, Silver Apples.”

The obituary continued, “He is survived by a brother, David S. Coxe (Foster); a nephew, Aaron Coxe and family and long term companion, creative collaborator, Lydia Winn LeVert.”

The musician may not be the most well known of his contemporaries but the number of tributes which have poured in for Coxe shows how crucial he was to the evolution of pop music. Portishead’s Geoff Barrow tweeted: “What an amazing guy he was an inspiration not just musically. But in life as we hung out many times over the years Hopefully now him and Danny can play as silver apples in the sky.”

Coxe was born in East Tennessee in 1938 and raised in New Orleans forming Silver Apples in the late sixties alongside Danny Taylor after they broke away from their previous band.

Their sound was truly pioneering and even gave Coxe room to create his own electronic rig which he dubbed ‘The Simeon’, a series of wah-wah pedals, switches and Echoplexes made it one of the most expansive sounds around. It’s just one moment of his pioneering genius.