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(Credit: Stig Nygaard)


Sigur Rós launches a new line of CBD tinctures


Sigur Rós have teamed up with Vona to create their very own line of CBD tinctures.

The Icelandic musicians have forged two different editions described as ‘Sleep’ and ‘Wake’ with one offering a relaxing “drift off into the ethereal” and the other to “help you start your day feeling alive”.

The band’s new collaboration with Vona arrives as a celebration of the creatives. The company is described as a “new collective of artists, researchers, farmers, formulators and experts in the field of CBD” who focus predominantly on the healing properties of the product.

“A group of people united in their passion to explore the relationship between body and plant in order to provide unique artisanal products in the hemp space with an advanced and trusted level of quality and innovation,” Vona explains.

The collaboration with Sigur Rós marks the first signature line through the company.

“Conceived well before the current pandemic, CBD and Vona offer a timely opportunity to remedy stress and pain, and to uplift and inspire,” they explain before adding: “We are at a moment in history right now where we all need hope.”

See the full product, here.