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Sigur Ros announce their own festival


The ever-elusive Sigur Ros are planning their own festival in their native Iceland in between Christmas and New Year. The festival will of course feature the band playing four sets in the Eldborg room of Rekyjavik biggest concert hall, Harpa.

The event called, ahem, Norður Og Niður roughly translates to either “go north and go down” or “everything’s going to hell” – make your own midnup[ on that – and will see the band return to their homeland for a performance for the first time in five years. The festival will also see all manner of art, film and other musical performances.

There’s not much else to tell you though as the band are keeping it all evry close to their chest. However they will perform every night from December 27th – 30th. There’s a trailer below for your viewing pleasure.