For most of us, seven months isn’t a long time. It’s long enough to grow our hair 3.5 inches. It’s long enough to learn Smoke on the water on a guitar. And it might just be long enough to get through Morrissey’s autobiography. But seven months is all Shy Nature needed to whip the record industry up into a frenzy of excitement and release one of the most promising debut EPs we’ve ever heard.

The London four-piece combine dark lyrical subjects with lighthearted instrumentation to create a twisted, cheerily sinister sound that makes you think twice about your childhood. Today’s Track of the day, Deadly Sin, is a particularly dark number that reflects on the turmoil in a broken home.

Recorded in the band’s flat whilst the restaurant below was closed, the vocals of lead singer William and sprightly guitars on Deadly Sin has echoes of the Kooks and the Beach Boys. But don’t let that put you off, the track is brilliantly crafted and written with sharp and refreshing humour.

Despite lyrics such as ‘Parents scream the house down | Crying in your room | Messed up youth | Toys are dead’, the song has an incredibly summery feel. It carries you away from the cold outside your window to the fields and tents of your favourite festivals and drops you dancing in a fuzzy haze of happiness. This is pop music at its best – cheeky, cheerful, exciting and wrapped up with wit.

Jason Scott