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Shura shares dreamy new single 'Obsession'

Shura - 'Obsession'

Shura has shared her surprise new single, ‘Obsession’, and it’s another trademark brooding effort from the singer-songwriter.

The brand new dosage of dream-pop that Shura has unleashed is her first bit of music since 2019, when she released her sophomore album, Forevher. The track was born around the time as the record but the singer didn’t finish it in time, and it’s only now that it’s ready for consumption. Shura is gearing up to release an expanded edition of the album, with nine extra tracks, including ‘Obsession’, a demo of ‘Magazine Launch’, as well as acoustic reworkings of songs like ‘Side Effects’, ‘The Stage’ and ‘BKLYNLDN’.

Shura entrancingly sings on the first verse, “I remember trying to sleep last night, quiet, Nothing ever happens here, And I was trying to read your mind, silence, Were you trying to read my mind too?”

The new single is a touching duet from Shura and Rosie Lowe, which is a twist on the traditional love-song duet between a man and a woman. Shura is openly lesbian, and ‘Obsession’ sees her celebrate her sexuality while creating an indie haze wrapped up in a loving daydream.

“‘Obsession’ was one of the songs I wrote whilst I was writing Forevher,” Shura said in a statement. “I always wanted it to be a duet between two women but it never came to fruition during the recording process. Then, when I toured Forevher in Europe, Rosie Lowe came with us and we’d always spoken about wanting to collaborate on something together, and I suddenly remembered this song, which I loved but had somehow never finished. I sent the track across to Ro and when she sent back her rough take I was like ‘YES. this is it.'”

The vocals between the two of them complement each other finely and beg the question of why duets between two female artists are still far from standard practice.

Check out the visuals for ‘Obsession’, below.