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Shopping have all the answers on 'Wild Child'


Post-punk is a word so incredibly over-used that you could be forgiven for discounting it as a genre. That is until you listen to Shopping. The trio are the a-typical version of what Post-Punk is and was, which is: art-punk.

New track from the band ‘Wild Child’ is an ode to single and sees the band evolve past genre-defining while keeping it’s forefathers, more accurately foremothers, Siouxsie Sioux, Bow Wow Wow and Public Image Ltd, all in tow.

“There’s a part of you that’s always trying to get away,” sings Rachel Aggs, the guitarist and lead singer of Shopping as the rhythm section wobble their way across the airwaves with a fierce and defiant, glinting edge of rebellion. The song centres around a rejection of ‘normality’ and speaks true of the band’s values in every note.

So the track is brilliant, but wait until you see the video. The video is outlandish, colourful, daring and knowingly silly as Miss Sioux’s make-up and in turn brings an engaging clip full of fun to run alongside a track that definitely means business.