Shilpa Ray - Nocturnal Emissions


We saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the weekend; with the gig still ringing in our ears today’s track of the day is inspired by their support, Shilpa Ray.

“Hello everybody, I’m here to massage your pants until you get raped by Nick Cave”

This, ladies and gentlemen was the moment I fell in love with Shilpa Ray.

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Having reprehensibly struggled for recognition early in her career, Ray is now receiving the acclaim her beautifully wild voice with accompanying harmonium deserves.

Typically, Shilpa Ray is joined by her ‘Happy Hookers’ all residing from Brooklyn who, since 2009 have worked their way through two full length studio albums; ‘A Fish Hook An Open Eye’ and ‘Teenage Torture’.

Despite the brilliant blood and blister causing harmonium that Shilpa Ray taught herself to play at the age of 16, the real appeal comes solely from her expressive lyrics and jazz drenched, sleazy blues, punk rock and roll voice that sinisterly lures you in until your hypnotised by her sound.

Ray quoted recently: “Me and my self indulgent massive ego are playing in Glasgow tonight. If you don’t like my “dour screeching melancholy caterwauling” go watch a fuckin’ boy band or have some beer at the bar before Nick’s set. I honestly don’t care” – Too fucking right, her ability to switch from the so called ‘Caterwauling’ into slower a number to melt our hearts is what makes Shilpa Ray so unique.

On an interesting side note, the video for Nocturnal Emission is partly funded by fans after asked for donations to help finish the film with each donation receiving a special reward, this was my particular favourite:

“Do you like Indian food? I’m a great cook! I will make you and your friends/family dinner! (No more than 10 people please) I will also come over and play a solo set for an event you decide to host. Your name will also go on the credits as Executive Producer. If you want I’ll bring you your prop/video still/poster bounty right to your door since yet again, I’m coming over.”

Enjoy it y’all.

Lee Thomas-Mason