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(Credit: Shilpa Ray)


Shilpa Ray shares new single 'Manic Pixie Dream Cunt'


Shilpa Ray has returned with her first new music in three years with the uncompromising new single ‘Manic Pixie Dream Cunt’.

Ray, the Brooklyn-based musician, is preparing to follow-up her 2017 effort Door Girl which was supported with an expansive world tour where the musician flourishes.

Often compared to the likes of Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Blondie and more, Ray once said: “I think Feminism in America went through a huge backlash during the W. Bush years. We are now going through a cool Renaissance,” she once said in a conversation about life a female musician.

“There are tons of amazing female musicians and artists on the scene with something to contribute and it’s not cheesy, kitschy, or female-centric. It’s universal.”

Now though, she’s returned with new material and she’s not holding the video. With accompanying visuals directed by Amos Poe, Ray explains: “I wrote this song as an anthem to myself,” Shilpa Ray said of the new song. “It’s my ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ much like ‘Rebel Girl’ by Bikini Kill or ‘Edge of Seventeen’ by Stevie Nicks. I wanted to reclaim two derogatory phrases describing women/ femininity and combine them into something powerful. Nobody wants to be a pussy but everyone wishes they were a dream cunt.”

Stream the track, below.