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(Credit: Mariel A.M.)


Savages release new song 'She Will'

With Savages’ announcement that their debut album, Silence Yourself, will be with us on May 6th they left us a little taster with their new track and free download, ‘She Will’.

Savages have been skirting around the peripheries of many a music fan this past year, dangling a huge slab of post-punk meat slathered with the fiercest of live shows—but there have been worries that this enigmatic band may not translate to record. By this reckoning, though Savages are about to unleash an assault on our mind, body and soul confronting the nation with some harrowing, glaring and violent tracks.

I imagine the Joy Division comparison is wearing a little thin for the group but if there’s a band to be compared with then the electricity and pounding nature of Salford’s finest would surely put anyone at ease. Jehnny Beth‘s cerebral performance is as dynamic and sometimes as frightening as that of the late Ian Curtis as she tears through song after song in lightning speed with a glint in her eye. 

‘She Will’ is no different in this respect, a tearing three minutes that will reverberate round your ears for the rest of the day. Disco drums make way for the heavy bass, fuzzy ferocious guitar and Beth’s scarring vocals. There’s a hint of YYY’s about their approach but with a shit load more sweat, blood and bile.

Savages are proving they are one of the most explosive bands in the country right now demonstrating all the feral nature of Johnny Rotten with all the style of Siouxsie Sioux. She Will much like their previous tracks Husbands and Fly To Berlin is a challenging, urgent and tempestuous number that is full of grit and guts – I can’t wait for May.