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(Credit: 20th Century-Fox)


Watch Sharon Tate give a tour of Carnaby Street, London


Sharon Tate is fondly remembered as one of Hollywood’s biggest style icons from the 1960s. A memorable film actress, her most famous performance arguably was as Jennifer North in the 1967 cult classic Valley of the Dolls, a performance which earned her a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best New Actress. Tate’s final film role, however, was in The 13 Chairs, which was released only after she died in 1969. She has, thus far, been ingrained in many people’s minds as a victim, but has unquestionably always deserved better.

Right in the mid-’60s, the lovely and then relatively-unknown ‘actress’ Sharon Tate took Merv Griffin of The Merv Griffin Show on a tour of Carnaby Street and Kings Road – two of London’s hottest fashion spots at that time. Tate and Merv, in this blast-from-the-past footage, can be seen walking down the posh streets, with the fashion enthusiast Merv, merrily questioning Tate on seemingly everything and anything from high fashion (“Oh, are these mini skirts?”) to that of Carnaby Street’s history, and of course, Tate’s burgeoning film career.

Strolling past the London bustle, Tate gracefully answered all of Merv’s questions, also explaining the recent origins of the path they were treading on, stating that “Carnaby Street had started with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.” After that, they proceeded until the end of the street before coming across a group of boys seemingly wearing mini skirts. Tate, there again corrected her interviewer: “Oh, they’re not wearing mini-skirts. They’re boy scouts!”

Minutes later, Merv can be seen taking Tate’s hand and running across to the other cultural hotspot; Kings Road. It was there that they could finally get around to their “interview”, with Merv then asking Tate about her film career in Hollywood and the upcoming projects she’d be featuring in. Querying on her next project, Merv says that he had heard that Tate “was gonna be in a monster movie soon.” Flabbergasted, Tate rectified him again: “Not really, it’s called The Vampire Killer. It sounds terrible, but it’s a comedy.” She explained, “It is a satire on horror films. It’s kind of like a live Walt Disney film,” before declaring the director’s name proudly: “It’s Roman Polanski!”

Gloriously nostalgic and iconic, you can check out the entire interview below.