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(Credit: Film 4)


Shane Meadows wants to bring back ‘This Is England’ with a new 'millennium' series


Filmmaker Shane Meadows is plotting a potential comeback for This Is England with a special “millennium” series.

This Is England, a project that originally started life as a feature film 2006, was later adapted into a sequel TV series in 2010 entitled This is England ‘86. Given the cult following and supreme success, Meadows has twice returned to the project with different series set in both 1988 and 1990 respectively.

Now, plotting the next progression of the project, Meadows joined a YouTube interview with Andrew Shim, the actor who played the role of Milky, when he said: “I don’t know when but I’ve got This Is England ’00 in my head, the millennium one,” Meadows began, “because I sort of thought it would be nice, because when did we shoot the last one? Was it 2015, 2016?

“It’s a hard thing to shut off,” Meadows continued. “The only reason we would never come back again is if a story didn’t arise that was worthy or needed telling.”

He added: “You’re obviously five years away and I don’t massively want to copy the film ideas, but if I went back, I’d love to do a millennium one.”

Given the immense popularity of each instalment, speculation of a new edition has been rife in recent months and, in a past interview with UniLad, Andy Ellis, the actor who plays Gadget, said: “Gadget at 30 probably still hasn’t grown up, I can imagine he’s well into conspiracy theories like the millennium bug and the predictions of the world ending.

Adding: “I imagine he got well into Britpop and probably dresses like the third Gallagher brother by 2000.”

Furthermore, Thomas Turgoose, who famously plays Shaun, added: “Shaun at the end of ’90 was lovely. He met a nice new girl—Julia—and I’d like to see where that relationship went. Finally some happiness without the stupid childish mistakes we make when we’re young.”

For now though, see Meadows’ interview below.