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(Credit: Talia Pittman)


Shame’s Charlie Steen pairs with Lynks for new song ‘This Is The Hit’

Charlie Steen, the aggressive post-punk frontman of South London band Shame, and Lynks, the alternately alluring and terrifying singer, have paired up for a new collaboration

Kitschy, off-putting, and tremendously queer, ‘This Is The Hit’ is sure to sound like alien dubstep to anybody who’s never stepped foot in a gay bar.

“Me and Charlie have been mates for a very, very long time, but it only occurred to us recently that we could try mashing together our musical minds,” said Lynks. “Because who would have thought that a post-punk frontman and an alt-pop gimp would make such a tasty tune?? Not me – I thought it would be shite! Thankfully I was wrong though because it’s turned out quite brilliant.”

Lynks can be a bizarre act to jump into, especially for the uninitiated. The strange stylistic agro bastard child who bridges the gap between Orville Peck and RuPaul’s Drag Race, you can call Lynks anything you want, but you certainly can’t call them boring. Musically averse to subtlety and good taste, Lynks instead embraces the phallic-shaped fountain of gaudy fetish fashion and electro-buzz wonkiness. It’s… a lot to handle. Really, it’s the perfect makeup for a cult artist: too weird to live, too tough to die. Revolting to some, ravishing to others. In a musical landscape that can oftentimes appear rather beige, Lynks is every single colour at once, thrown directly at your face.

That doesn’t leave a ton of room for Steen, it has to be said, but both artists share a certain gonzo tawdriness that feels like they’re cut from the same cloth. The two are simpatico on the new track, feeding off each other’s weirdness to create a brand new beast. Is the title a premonition? Eh, probably not, but who cares? You’ll know in the first five seconds whether you love it or hate it, and there is absolutely no room to fall in between.

Check out the 360 VR video for ‘This Is The Hit’ down below.