Shame are slamming against new track 'Concrete'


South London band (when will they get bored of this moniker one wonders) Shame are truly one of the most exciting things to happen to ‘guitar music’ in recent years. Not only do they possess a frenetic energy around their output but they do so with feeling.

Latest effort ‘Concrete’ is further testament to their meticulous commitment to chaos. The track, lead singer Charlie Steen told NPR, is “a flâneur’s perspective on the psychological and emotionally draining effects of a doomed relationship – a moment where all of the worries and thoughts one might feel within this entrapment are isolated and embraced – a moment where the futility of reasoning is accepted.”

With that kind of meaning behind what is, at its essence, an unbridled punk track, it’s very easy to get caught up in the furor surrounding Shame. The song slams around with clever lyrics being the only saviour for your brain as the band crash around your cerebral cortex.

They’re the real deal that’s for sure, and what makes them better is that they don’t give a fuck whether you care or not.

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