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(Credit: Josh Rocklage)


Sex Hands - Pivot


Sex Hands were formed by three childhood friends from the North Wales coast. After relocating to Manchester, Alex, Dylan and Edwin played their first show in 2011 on the Comfortable on a Tightrope stage at SFTOC, Salford. A month later Joe Logan of Waiters was recruited and from then on the band has been on a rock ‘n’ roll whirlwind, playing shows with the likes of Trumans Water one night and The Babies the next.

Their previous releases include a split 7″ with Daily Life as well as the self released mini album, Season One (Giant Hell), with artwork by Manchester based artist Mike Redmond that compliments the band’s rough around the edges, scorched pop rock, PLEH is 13 tracks of non-stop melody mashed fun and ‘Pivot’ is our pick of the bunch.

Oh, and apparently they never practice…