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Self Esteem shares new single 'I Do This All The Time'

Self Esteem - 'I Do This All The Time'
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Self Esteem has returned in powerful style with her new single, ‘I Do This All The Time’.

Rebecca Lucy Taylor re-emerged under the experimental-pop guise of Self Esteem in 2017. after spending more than a decade as one-half of the indie-folk duo Slow Club, she began the new chapter of her career, and her latest single continues to see Taylor reinvigorated by the freedom that comes from being a solo artist.

Taylor shared her debut album, Compliments Please, in 2019 through Fiction Records. Her growth continues with the confident-sounding new single, ‘I Do This All The Time’, which deals with staying strong through the trials and tribulations that adult life throws her way.

 “All my upcoming work is exploring how complicated it is to just be a human,” Taylor explains in a statement. “I’m wonderful and I’m terrible. I hurt people and people hurt me. I feel everything and nothing. It’s a shit laugh but then it can be quite jolly can’t it.

“The video is the first chance to spot one of the many Easter eggs for Self Esteem purists as well as the rather on the nose metaphor of me hugging myself — much like Elton John in the movie rocket man does. Enjoy!”

The song combines a soulful chorus, which sees Taylor deliver the pertinent lines: “Look up, lean back, be strong, You didn’t think you’d live this long, Be as one, hold on, steady stand, For as long as you think you can.”

Meanwhile, the verses are spoken in Taylor’s thick South Yorkshire accent, as she says reassuringly: “Be very careful out there, Stop trying to have so many friends, Don’t be intimidated by all the babies they have, Don’t be embarrassed that all you’ve had is fun, Prioritise pleasure.”

While there is still no news about her second album, Self Esteem is to tour Britain later in the year, including a homecoming date at The Leadmill in Sheffield and a trip to Heaven in London.

‘I Do This All The Time’ is an uplifting reminder that all that matters in life is contentment, and comparing yourself to others is only going to end in tears.