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Sean Ono Lennon pays tribute to “emperor of pop” Paul McCartney


Having the names Ono and Lennon tacked onto your title is enough to create a big expectation or two. Sean Ono Lennon – the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono – has more than lived up to it, creating a robust career as a musician, producer, and singer-songwriter in his own right.

Being the son of one of The Beatles, Sean Ono Lennon has interacted with McCartney on more than one occasion—even interviewing him for The BBC. And with McCartney’s 80th birthday, the entire music industry has been paying their tributes, including Sean himself.

Sean Ono Lennon posted on both Twitter and Instagram to wish McCartney a happy birthday, calling him the “emperor of pop” in the process. But it doesn’t stop there. In his Instagram video, he plays ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ as a tribute to the artist, a song his father had once called one of The Beatles best.

On Twitter, he simply said, “Little tribute to the Emperor of Pop himself…Happy Birthday ⁦Paul McCartney and thank you for all the great tunes. Eternally grateful.” 

Whereas on Instagram, he went a little more in-depth with his caption, which reads, “A little birdy told me this was one of your fav Beatles tunes. So Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the beautiful music. You have mine and the whole world’s undying love and respect. (This version is a bit rough because it’s such a pretty song I kept getting choked up and staring again!)” The caption sits below a short video of Ono Lennon playing the song.

Although this has been observed before, it’s worth noting just how much like his dad he sounds. It makes the tribute even more special and nostalgic to hear him play that Beatles song.

If you want to check out Sean Ono Lennon’s happy birthday tribute to Paul McCartney, you can find it linked down below.