Sean Ono Lennon has shared a new track, ‘Bird Song’, a number co-written by the late Carrie Fisher.

Written “years ago” according to the accompanying Soundcloud description, Lennon decided to record the song after Fisher’s passing with Willow Smith providing the backing vocals.

“Carrie and I wrote this song years ago. When she died I just felt I had to record it,” Lennon wrote. “This is only a demo unmixed, we only had a few hours to record it. But the lyrics she wrote with me I think are marvelous [sic].

“Carrie and I used to stay up til dawn chatting and pontificating about life. They were my best moments. Anyway… we wrote a song about staying up too late and hearing the birds sing. Willow Smith is a prodigal angel and was generous enough to lend her golden voice to this little tune.”


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