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'Screech' Charged in Bar Stabbing


Dustin Diamond also known to us, well any true 90’s child, as ‘Screech’ from ‘Saved By The Bell’ has been arrested for an altercation in bar where he is alleged to of stabbed a patron.

Having done some glorious work since leaving his most infamous role, including Celebrity Wrestling, Celebrity Big Brother and a Sex Tape – who honestly wants to watch that? – Dustin Diamond has been on the verge of a breakdown and it appears he has finally been pushed over the edge.

After being stopped by Police when driving away from Grand Ave Saloon with his girlfriend the 37 year old was arrested on Christmas Day. The victim’s injuries are not life threatening  but Diamond has still been charged with recklessly endangering safety, carrying a concealed weapon and possessing a switchblade knife.

What would Mr Belding say?

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