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Schultz & Forever - P.O.V.

After finding success in Denmark at the age of 17 with his first EP, Jonathan Schultz meandered (you can’t really imagine anybody creating music like this to do anything other than ‘meander’) to Paris keen to broaden his musical horizons.

Two years later and Schultz is back in Denmark with a more psychedelic approach running through his veins, his distinct half-spoken half-sung phrasing rises up for air through foggy layers of organ and wonky distortion.

“Everything around me changed when I realised that some of the values I was taught when I was younger weren’t something I believed in anymore,” reveals Schultz. “Values in religion and sex for instance; I was taught that sex is something that is kept locked in marriage. ‘P.O.V’ is about what I believe was my youth-transition from a fantasy world to reality.”

Blessed with an intense, beautiful voice that is heavily influenced by Bob Dylan, Schultz is sprinkling in some psychedelic tones of T-Rex with the modern edge of Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox as the young Dane begins to capture our hearts in the search of truth. On his journey, he’s found food for thought through Japanese stories about self-realisation and human consciousness, particularly those of author and playwright Yukio Mishima’s My Friend Hitler and Other Plays.

So, kick those shoes off, sit down and forget about the shit day you’ve had at work and, chill.