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Iconic 'Scarface' location turned into an actual drugstore


Sometimes art imitates life, and sometimes life imitates art, as it has been noticed that the iconic location in which Al Pacino filmed his famous chainsaw scene in Scarface, is now an actual drug store. Known as one of the most famous and ruthless drug kingpins in all of cinema history, the titular character gets into a violent altercation in one scene where bullets and chainsaws fly in an apartment building, with the very same location now a CVS Pharmacy.

Located in Miami, the location is one of the few used in the film that was situated outside of Los Angeles, hosting a key scene in which a drug deal between Tony (Pacino) and Angel (Pepe Serna) turns sour. Whilst the protagonist tries to escape the situation, his adversary ends up dismembering himself with the chainsaw in the bathtub in one of the film’s most infamous and shocking scenes. 

Scarface was released in 1932 and remains one of the most iconic gangster movies of all time thanks to the directorial prowess of Brian De Palma and an impressive script from the Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July filmmaker, Oliver Stone. Starring Al Pacino, the film follows a Cuban refugee who quickly becomes the most powerful drug kingpin in Miami and craves even more success despite his supremacy. 

Causing great controversy upon its release due to its graphic violence and glorification of drug use, Scarface is due to be getting a modern lick of paint in a remake written by Joel and Ethan Coen and directed by Call Me By Your Name’s Luca Guadagnino. Following the same iconic story with the same characters, the Coen brothers version of the film will no doubt put more emphasis on the constructs of the American dream that are questioned throughout the film’s runtime.