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Samuel L. Jackson is the highest-grossing actor in Hollywood history

Samuel L. Jackson is an income engine like no other. He’s a face you’re always pleased to see and now that has been made official. The star has grossed more ticket stubs than any other. 

According to TicketSource, the Django Unchained actor has accumulated the greatest box office profits of any Hollywood star in the last 25 years. Naturally, given that ticket prices have risen rapidly over the last two decades, that also crowns him the highest-grossing in history. 

Unsurprisingly his role in the Marvel franchise was a central contributor to this, that much is clear from the Superhero stars who joined him in the top three.

With a total of $5.7billion from 63 movies in total, Jackson topped the Hollywood bill. Robert Downey Jr. raked in enough cash to grab second place with $5.4billion from 43 movies, followed by Scarlett Johansson with $5.2billion from 32 movies in third place. 

Completing your top ten in order, you have Tom Hanks in fourth, followed by Bradley Cooper, Harison Ford, Chris Evans, Tom Cruise, Chris Hemsworth, and Zoe Saldana in tenth from her 28 movies to date. 

Naturally, another notable factor is that Jackson has starred in 20 more movies than Downey Jr. in second displaying the importance of output. Whereas Leonardo DiCaprio has grossed an impressive $2.6billion from only 27 movies. 

While the study was merely designed to settle an interesting pub debate, the top ten has raised the important question of Hollywood inclusivity once more. 

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